The importance of understanding Support and Resistanceis essential to your success as a trader. On this page you will find my Cheat Sheet, it shows where the Support and Resistance areas are on certain Currency Pairs. The pairs shown below are the ones that I personally trade, they are generally considered to be the main Major FX Pairs.

Chapter 8: Support and Resistanceof the Free Forex Beginner Course will greatly increase your knowledge on Support and Resistance, as well as how to actually identify and place the areas on the chart for yourself. I would strongly advise you to have a go at identifying and plotting the areas on the chart for yourself, BEFORE you look at the Cheat Sheet below. Then compare how well you did in comparison to the numbers below, however it is of course totally up to you.

UPDATED: 03/01/2017

Please note, the numbers given are the central point of the Support and Resistance area, you need to add outer lines 15 pips above and 15 pips below. You will now have the Support and Resistance area marked on your chart.

1.1320 1.4000 0.7745 120.70 1.3560
1.1120 1.3360 0.7480 118.30 1.3400
1.0880 1.2650 0.7320 116.15 1.3280
1.0545 1.2140 0.7200 113.45 1.3120
1.0385 / 0.7030 110.70 1.3000