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4 Reasons to Always Trade the Higher Time Frames

Most traders steer well clear of the higher time frames, they seem overwhelming, large and downright scary! It is often thought that the lower time frames are better, because there will be more opportunities [...]

By |Analysis, Education, Price Action, Trading|

Understanding Different Types of Forex Orders

Order up! Okay, so today I want to share with you and explain in detail, what all those different Forex orders mean. You know the ones, 'Limit Entry Orders' 'Trailing Stop Orders' In Forex, an [...]

By |Education, Trading|

Who Trades the Forex Market?

If you've read our Forex Beginner Course, you'll know that trading as you and I do now was a luxury that we could only afford up to about 15 years ago. Before that, if you wanted [...]

By |Education, Trading|

What does Liquidity mean in Forex Trading? – Explained

  When you first start trading, there are multiple terms that you will come across that make little to no sense to you, these are terms such as; Leverage, Margin etc. another one of [...]

By |Analysis, Education, Psychology|

Forex Weekly Analysis – 16th May 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD is showing signs of indecision at the Support area (1.1315) area, if we see a good indication to buy and it yields a good risk to reward, we are buyers. [...]

By |Analysis, Weekly Analysis|

10 Advantages of Trading Forex

It seems that more and more people are learning how to trade, and more specifically how to trade Forex. And for good reason, the Foreign exchange market is the largest market in the World. [...]

By |Money, Psychology, Trading, Uncategorized|

The 3 Golden Rules of Support and Resistance

In my opinion Support and Resistance is one the main components to successful trading. Support and Resistance areas, are those areas on the chart where there are potentially a large number of Buyers (Support) [...]

Forex Weekly Analysis – 9th May 2016

EUR/USD The EUR/USD has broken through our Resistance Area (1.1450) and retraced to use the same area as Support. There does seem to be strong bearish sentiment at the moment, especially with the emergence [...]

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